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The Conner Miracle Fund

October 6, 2017

The Conner Miracle fund


Do you have children? Is their a child in your life that you adore? If so, I applaud you for being apart of an undescribable love.

Click Here -Conner Miracle Fund

My chances of having a child are slim but my faith in possibilities are greater. Several months ago, while planning to grow my family I was informed that a pregnancy would be a gruely and potentially unpromising process due to a severe tilt within my cervic. This tilt was a result of a prior surgey within my late 20’s, and if I had known of the results, I would not have gone through with the procedure then.

Even though the chances are not in my favor, my wife and I are planning to start a family of our own.
I will need to endure additional tests, those lovely additional doctors visits, along with being told that the changes are here nor there at times.

I’m raising this money to help finance the medical bills with hopes that we will begin our family some day soon.
If you have any medical advice please share. As each day passes we continue to remain positive.

A donation of any short will be much appreciated between now and early 2018.  Click Here -Conner Miracle Fund

With Love, Peace, and Prosperity

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