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Book Review: Secrets of Aboriginal Healing

October 9, 2017

Book Review Alert! 

“Secrets of Aboriginal Healing – A Physicist’s Journey With a Remote Australian Tribe”Gary Holz. D.SC.,  with Robbie Holz

As a spoiler alert, I enjoyed taking this journey with the author Gary Holz, while he traveled far beyond a comfortable distance to become healed from MS. Ok…. I promise to keep this post as short as possible for those interested in reading the book.


Alright, let’s fast forward through the authors life without disrespect to his journey. Gary was an older man, a few ex wives, a few children that he barely communicated with, a good paying job, and oh yeah that’s right he has MS.  Let’s just say that Gary shut everything and everyone out of his life, he closed the door and remained numb to the knocking on the other side. In turn, because of this numbness that Gary physically applied to his relationships, his body slowly grew to the be same…..NUMB!



By a chance of fate some might say, Gary ends up agreeing to travel from America to a remote Australian Tribe for healing. At this point Gary just wants help!!!


For anyone who has experienced the loophole within the Western medicine trade. You know the doctor that tell you that the condition is common and rare at the same time, which results in your taking more medication that you want or expected.

Note: All doctors are not terrible! When you think that you doctor is the worse – just think of this guy! Maybe you will reconsider 🙂  –> 


One of the many lessons that I will continue to learn:

From the moment  Gary landed he was forced to shut down and adapt to his new surroundings. The book does not mention electricity, cell phones (absolutely not – no selfies), and the amenities that are so common in America. Nevertheless our hopeful author Gary pushes on.


Now, stay with me here. As I turned each page I felt a piece of what Gary felt, I fought the same emotions although I do not have MS.The act of reprogramming your brain involves the conscious and subconscious section of your brain. However before you can master the art of a new program you must understand several things:

  • Connectedness – Allow me to personally plant this seed within your subconscious in case no one before me has tried.  Everything is connected, the cosmetics of the human is connected to the cosmos. You are one with these items, you and I are not separate from these connections.
  • Willingness – There must be a willingness to accept what is unseen. I know the function of my liver but I’ve never seen my liver perform. 🙂 this is important – I believe that my liver is doing the right thing. Mainly because of school BUT that’s neither here nor there. We must be willing to understand that we are all connected, that the unseen and unexplained situations will not fit your old program.

The book also covers awareness, acceptance, empowerment and several items that I would love to share with you however the experience should be yours to feel and relate to.


My deepest gratitude to the authors of this shared journey. From cover to cover I laughed, became saddened, angered, and hopeful. Thank you for sharing with me!


Please check out the Holz Wellness Website below for additional details, books, blogs, and other healing instruments.

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