Inspiration by many standards

Today’s Forecast: Be Inspired

October 10, 2017

Congratulations! Monday is a day in the past and Tuesday is here and rockin it.


There happens to be plenty of time left within today to either continue to be inspired or to begin to take on an inspirational outlook of life while feeling self empowered.  *queue the super hero cap flying in the wind*



Queue the questions:

Did you stand up and get noticed today to get a hard task done?

If yes, take note of your best qualities and skills. No one can take these gifts away you. I repeat, the strengths that you find within yourself cannot be stolen, instead they are willingly given up when you claim defeat.

Did you lead each step of today with confidence, power, and determination?

If yes, continue to utilize your determination to visualize your success. Impossible starts with IM which is I AM. When your think that something is impossible turn the negative vibration of “impossible” to something much more positive. Try “I am possible…” “It’s possibly better…….”

Did you hide from a challenge today?

If yes, well, don’t beat yourself up about it. Take the remainder of the day to consider why this challenge or change builds a wall of blockage for you. Repeat to yourself out loud and within your head that:

“You will overcome all challenges with growth, patience, and wisdom.”

Today is a day to be constructive or destructive the choice is forever YOURS.

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