The Short Stories of Oracle

The Short Stories of


Part 1 – Moon and Fire


Sweat glistening from the flares of moonlight outside of Oracles window. Slowly drip from every pore of her body rolling down without hurry moistening the soft fabrics of her sheets.

She’s sweating while she’s dreaming.


The sweat drenched bed lies within a chamber on the top floor of the fortress. Surrounded by the simple afflictions of ones needs cascaded with the obsessions of royalty. Her nearly king sized bed sweetened in scents of lavender and. myrrh swallowed Oracles small subtle figure while her sheets outlined the silhouette of her curvaceous frame from the very top of her bunned tresses to the bottom of her heals. Her breathing was deep and raised the golden colored nightgown that was now pressed upon her body. With each breathe she seemed to awaken more and more from her slumber until she was connected again to her reality and awakened abruptly within the heat of the night…….


I arose gasping for air. It felt as if I were drowning in the deepest of oceans between jagged coral reefs and shipwrecks older than time. Breathing heavily. I barely realized the outrageous amount of sweat beneath me.

“Why am I so hot” she thought to herself. 


This question roamed in Oracles galaxy of thoughts until she was finally able to gather her surroundings. Her round, curious yet piercing eye’s shut with hope that maybe she was still dreaming. Come on – she whispered to herself knowing that she was wide awake, no longer in the valleys of dream world.


Soaking in the sights of the room, her thigh length hair was still tightly wrapped in a bun on the top of her crown.  Often times I sleep so wild that my bun falls apart before waking and I end up entrapping myself in the tresses of length and savory scents but not on this night- she thought. Her eyes shifted to her favorite golden nightgown which swiftly flows with every movement made which is now drenched. The vanity that I despise and love across the room aside the other objects are simply shadow-like reminders of where I am. Searching for the reason behind the night sweats finally I caught a glimpse of the world outside of the window. The most emerald of green pastures welcomed my brown eyes whenever I glared out the window. Natures beauty always captured Oracle’s heart. Tonight a sweltering amount of heat swallowed the once alive beautiful pastures.


Oracles damp feet swiftly swung over the side of her bed to find the floor with an arched thud.  Her entire body following in a panic for what she will find outside of the window. How could this be, she continued to ask herself as she moved one foot closure to the window.


Feeling my eyes beginning to swell as a once happy gaze outside of the window will never happen again. Ablaze the city that was built for my ancestors, family, and friends lie ablaze as the moon glistened on my windowsill.

“How could this be?”

Stay tuned for part 2



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